Checkout policy & library schedule

Bookworm.pngThe library is open each school day @ 8:00—8:15 for parents and students and then again from 3:15—3:45 in the afternoon.  Please stop by the office for a special hall pass for the library. The schedule for all the classes to attend throughout each day will be determined by Mrs. Jackson after conferring with the teachers, and monthly calendars will be created and made available.


Our check out policy as is follows:

Students with their parents may check out up to 5 items.  Students with their classes or visiting the library alone outside their class-scheduled time must follow these guidelines:

                   K: 1 book that remains in the classroom

                   Grade 1:  1 bookbig book

                   Grade 2:  2 books

                   Grades 3-5: 3 books