Welcome to the Cielo Vista Library
Mrs. JacksonWelcome to all students & friends of Cielo Vista Elementary School Library.  Our students have been attending the library in their placement in 27 different classes. We have been busy learning the layout of the library, as well as our procedures and routines.  Presently we are enjoying literature devoted to Halloween and soon Thanksgiving. 

On Friday, Oct. 21, we had our first Book It! of the year devoted to our fifth grade students.  Starting off with pizza and soft drinks, our students then heard scary stories and then played several fast-paced games.  Also the attendees were the first on our campus to see our first order of books with QR codes, meaning the codes can be scanned to download the books. There is no limit to how many students scan the books, and the book stays on the device until the book is deleted. Check out the picture below to see the table full of new books.
toilet paper mummies

table of books with QR codes

Library Book Cart.png