Cielo Vista Attendance Plan

Cielo Vista Elementary Attendance Plan
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Cielo Vista Elementary Attendance Plan
Goal for 2016-2017 is 97.5%

Cielo Vista Elementary will improve student attendance by:

Reducing the number of students arriving late for class by 20%
-Decreasing the number of students who miss five or more days of school during Fall Semester by 50%
-Decreasing the number of students who miss 10 or more days during the school year by 50%
-Increasing parental awareness about the importance of school attendance, arriving on time, and the resources/supports available.
-Rewarding students who achieve perfect (no absences) or near perfect (less than 2 absences) attendance each semester.

The attendance plan will be implemented and monitored by the campus attendance team composed of administration, counselor, PEIMS clerk and primary and upper grade teachers.

The attendance team meets monthly to review student attendance and serves as the primary point of contact for students who miss school.  The team contacts parents when their students begin missing school, meets with parents to discuss student attendance, and identifies attendance trends.

Cielo Vista Elementary School will adopt a tiered series of notifications for students who are missing an increasing number of school days.  The school will use a variety of communication measures (e.g., meetings between the principal and student; phone calls; letters; etc.) to connect with parents.  The communications will occur as students miss two, five, etc. days of school.  The attendance team will also monitor tardies and communicate with parents to resolve any issues.

Cielo Vista Elementary School will provide parents and families with information about the importance of attendance as one of the primary prevention strategies.  Moreover, the school will also introduce school-wide incentives to encourage students to strive for good or perfect attendance.

-Open-house presentation to parents and families

The assistant principal will provide a presentation to parents attending the Meet the Teacher Nights in August.  The presentation will summarize the risk factors associated with chronic absenteeism, note the resources available at the school to improve student attendance.

Fall and Spring Newsletter
The contents of the presentation given to parents during the open house will be presented in a , "Did you know?" article in the school newsletter.  The newsletter will be sent to parents during each semester.

School-wide incentive program
-With support from Cielo Vista Partners in Education, students who have perfect attendance at the end of each 9 week grading period will receive coupons good for treats at various businesses.  Students who have good attendance (missed fewer than two days of school) will also receive goodie coupons.
-Students will be recognized on a bulletin board in the cafeteria for good attendance each 9 weeks.  At the end of the year, students will receive a medal if they have perfect attendance.
-Each month the classes with 97% or higher attendance will receive a trophy and be recognized on the school television.  The class with the highest attendance rate monthly will receive an ice-cream party at the end of the day.

Coordinated School Health Program
-Each classroom will have monthly lessons on good health practices.
-During flu season (October to January), posters will be hung throughout the school reminding students of the importance of washing their hands and covering their coughs.  A health lesson will be devoted to explaining how germs spread from hands and how this causes illnesses to begin.  The nurse will visit primary classroom to reinforce proper hand washing technique.

Cielo Vista will comply with the district guidelines on compulsory attendance.